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Hands-Free or Hands Off!

A woman uses a cell phone while driving           

          In 2018, drivers across Tennessee have at least one new law to be wary of.  Beginning January 1, it shall be a Class C misdemeanor to operate or talk on a hand-held cellphone while in a school zone marked by flashing lights.  This offense is punishable by a $50 fine. 

            However, adult drivers (18 or older) may operate a motor vehicle in a school zone and use a “hands-free” cell phone device. 

            Unfortunately for drivers under 18, they cannot use either a conventional cell phone or “hands-free” device while in a school zone. 

            These new laws supplement the existing laws regarding cell phones and driving, so texting and driving remains illegal. 

            Don’t get caught this year with your head in your apps.  Seems better to spend $50 in the App Store than on a traffic fine! 

            If you have a legal issue requiring representation in criminal matters, contact attorney Ashley Jackson at (615) 784-4800.

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