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New Year, New Laws Take Effect

The Tennessee State Capitol at night time

            Not only does January 1, 2018 bring in the new year, but also new laws as passed by the Tennessee Legislature.

            Barbers may now perform their services in a residence.  Prior to 2018, barbers could only render their services in a residence for a person who was ill.  However, to work in or out of a residence, barbers must possess a residential barber certificate. 

            A few changes take effect regarding school bus drivers.  Beginning in 2018, school bus drivers must be at least twenty-five years old, and all new school bus drivers must complete a training program prior to transporting any children.  The changes also create a transportation supervisor program, for the monitoring and supervision of local and charter school transportation. 

            Homeowners may cancel alarm contracts for periods longer than two (2) years, upon giving thirty (30) days’ notice to an alarm company, if the homeowner has to sell their home for medical reasons.  However, the cancellation must come after the initial two (2) year period, and the cancellation must include a letter from the homeowner’s treating physician explaining that the house must be sold and alarm system canceled due to medical reasons. 

            Individuals seeking handgun carry permits may be exempted from the firing range qualification component if they have proof they passed small arms qualification or combat pistol training in any branch of the United States armed forces. 

            For motor vehicles, headlights must be either white or amber.  It seems most stanard passenger vehicles will comply with this law.  However, driver’s may not modify their vehicle headlights to colors other than white or amber. 

            Most importantly, 2018 brings new penalties for cell phone usage in school zones.  Drivers using or talking on a handheld cell phone in a marked school zone when flashers are operating can be prosecuted for a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a $50 fine.

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